100 Word Challenge

Transportation is very important. I think the best form of transportation is by air in airplanes and helicopters. Traveling by air produces a lot of pollution but it is also very efficient. It only takes about 6 hours to fly across the United States whereas driving a land vehicle would take about 45 hours which is a huge difference. Flying is expensive and I know some people can’t afford it, so I think that people who choose to drive should use electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are healthy for the environment and don’t produce pollution like gas powered vehicles.


Logan Elm

    Things at McDowell Middle School are much different than other schools. Each class is about an hour long and we have 7 different periods. The school day ends at 2:30 This year is the 50th anniversary of our school. 

     I play football, basketball and baseball. Football practice starts right after school for an hour and a half and we have practice 4 days a week. Basketball practice starts at 5:15 and goes until 6:45, we have basketball 5 days a week. Baseball has not started yet so I don’t know the schedule of it. 

     We are also getting a new school that will have pre-k-12. Right now we have three different elementaries, one intermediate school, one middle school and a high school. The new school will have to be very big to hold all of the students and it will take four years to build. This is the daily routine of our school.

Image credited at https://www.loganelmschools.com/protected/articleview.aspx?iid=432UY&dasi=33BB


100 Word Challenge Week 10

This picture makes me feel sad. It is terrible that we are polluting the Earth like this and we need to stop. I think people need to start making a change and resort to using more natural resources. Another way that we need to use more nuclear fission. This would help produce steam which is the healthiest form of energy that we can use. People could also start reusing items instead of just throwing them away. If people start to do things like this I think it will make a big change. Hurry, we need to make a big change.

Image from https://100wc.net/


100 Word Challenge

People are afraid of too much pollution in oceans and they can do something about it. Two youtubers named Jimmy Donaldson and Mark Rober started an industry called “Team Seas”. “Team Seas” is a project where people can donate money and each dollar they donate is one pound of trash they can get rid of. The ultimate goal is to get rid of 30,000,000 pounds of trash. People need to take action urgently or people could be forced to evacuate beaches. Hurry, the oceans are turning red but they need to be blue.


Braves Basketball

My Image is an image for Logan Elm Braves basketball and I created it by using a format from canva.com. I inserted the Logan Elm Braves’ logo to create the image. I made this image because my team’s basketball practices start this week and I am really excited. I think this image represents the team well and will bring us success.

My Avatar

My avatar represents me because I am tan and my favorite color is red which is why I chose a red hoodie. I also have really dark brown hair and I tried to give my avatar as dark of hair as I could get without making it black. My eyes are light brown so I gave my avatar a lighter shade of brown eyes that are similar to hazel eyes. I don’t have any glasses so I didn’t give my avatar any. This is how my avatar represents me.